Staight vs. Curly Hair

Recently, I’ve been having this dilemma of which look best suits me… I usually straighten my hair, but I got tired of the same old look. I went out and bought a product called mixed chicks( which is actually amazing! It’s for every race and it holds your curl for ages!) to see if I could maybe switch up my look. To my surprise it turned out great… People have came up to me and said that I should do the curly look more often, but I’m conflicted. I love the easy-to-manage straight hair look. But I find the curly look gives me more of an infidelity… It also gives my hair a rest from the heat of blow-dryers and flatirons! I’m hoping that this can help me grow my hair back to were I want it because I cut my hair a few months ago and I miss my longer hair! But a major con to the curly look is that it also takes way more time in the morning getting ready for school. It used to take me only fifteen minutes on my hair and makeup. But know I take about twenty-five minutes… time is so curtail in the morning and especially if you have to catch a bus every morning. I’ve had to run to catch the bus almost every morning since I started doing the curly look… I guess you can say it’s a good way to loose a few extra pounds, but I’m not a morning person and I don’t like to be forced to run. I also found that with the curly look, people are more curious and they like to run their hands threw my hair… They fail to realize that they are ruining the curly, making me look like a puff ball and also putting whatever dirt the may have on their hand in my hair! It’s been getting a little frustrating in that context. But then again I love the way the curly look gives me an opportunity to switch my look up and get me out of an old routine of just straightening my hair… but I think I have to go back to straightening every so often… I’ll miss it too much!
Which one looks better to you?

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