Lace It Up!

I love lace! It can dress up the simplest outfit and it makes you look so classy! here are some really awesome lace ideas that you can try:

1. The Lace Nails

Although this technique can be a bit time-consuming, it looks really elegant and unique. Here is one of many tutorials on how to do this beautiful lace nail:

2. The Lace Dress

You can go sweet..

Or maybe a little edgy..

3. The Lace Makeup

This look is perfect for a costume… but I don’t think anyone would actually wear this casually.

4. The Lace Shoe

This is a perfect way to finish off an outfit and tie it all together. Lace shoes brings an elegance and regal look to your outfit. If your going to wear lace shoes, don’t wear anything else lace!


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