Favorite TV Shows

1. One Tree Hill

It’s about a small town called Tree Hill in North Carolina. It originally told the story of two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, and their relationships with each other and the people around them. They first start out as rivals in their high school basketball team, but later form a close bond. The first few seasons portray their lives in high school ad all the conflicts they go through. By the fifth season, the timeline goes onto four years later; after the characters finish high school and collage. The show shifts into showing the main character’s lives, the repercussions of their decisions, and the new steps in their life. I love how this shows how much you change when we grow up. How life never turns out how you think it will when you’re in high school. If you haven’t watched this series, I would recommend that you do. The last season is airing January 11, 2012 on the CW network. I’m pretty sad that it’s almost over… this show is one of my favorites.

2. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is a mystery-thriller all based on the book series by Sara Sheppard. The show follows the lives of main characters Aria Montgomer, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, and Emily Fields. These for girls all want to solve the mystery of their friend, Alison DiLaurentis’ disappearance. One year after the death of Ali, they begin to get mysterious messages from someone named “A” who threatens to reveal their deepest darkest secrets if they don’t do what she/he says. At first, they think its Alison, but then she is found dead and they realize that some one else knows their secrets. They now have to work together to find out who is “A” and to solve the murder of their friend.

I love this show. It always keeps you guessing and gasping as the plot develops. It’s really entertaining. I would definitely recommend it!

3. Glee

Glee is about a high school show choir called the New Directions and the kids in it. It’s members deal with a number of common teenage issues; from relationships to social issues. This show also offers popular music numbers preformed by the cast. This show is entertaining and it makes you want to sing along with them.

4. America’s Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model is a reality Tv show that is hosted by Tyra Banks. Aspiring models compete to be named America’s Next Top Model and given multiple other perks. I mostly just watch the show for Tyra Banks. I lover her! I would watch her talk show every afternoon faithfully and I cried when the last episode aired (really pathetic, I know). For a good 2 years of my life, I wanted to be her… clearly, not possible.

5. Degrassi: Next Generation

This show follows the students of Degrassi High and their lives. These students face various challenges like poor self image, peer pressure, child abuse, sexual identity, gang violence, self-injury, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and death. It gives kids something to relate to and it’s really entertaining.

New shows that are pretty good:

1. Once Upon A Time

It’s basically a twist of classic fairytales and their parallel lives in our world.

2. Hart of Dixie

A young doctor from New York decides to move to a small town named Bluebell in Alabama. She moves her to take over a practice left for her by a stranger. She quickly finds out that the southerners aren’t so hospitable.


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